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SUBJ:              House Action for the Week of June 13, 2016


DATE:            June 10, 2016



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The Weekly Schedule

Identified by bill number, the sponsors and summaries for bills scheduled to be considered in committee or on the House floor are posted below.  More information regarding these bills can be found at by clicking on the “Research Bills” tab.



Monday, June 13, 2016

Committee Meetings/Hearings


  • Public hearing on HB 194 (Rep. Michael O’Brien, D-Philadelphia) Extends disability benefits to paramedics who are employed by fire departments as firefighters.

EDUCATION, 11 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • HB 1578 (Rep. Mindy Fee, R-Lancaster): Creates the “E-chievement” Program to be administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the distribution of funds for the planning and implementation of hybrid learning.
  • HB 1834 (Rep. Kathy Rapp, R-Crawford/Forest/Warren): Requires that professional educators providing secondary transition services to students in grades 8 through 12 or who are 14 years of age or older must complete training developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education within two months of assuming their duties and complete the training again every five years.
  • HB 1915 (Rep. Jason Ortitay, R-Allegheny/Washington): Requires the Pennsylvania Department of Education to establish a central repository of online courses accessible to public schools, nonpublic schools, home education programs and the general public.
  • SB 1194 (Sen. Bob Mensch, R-Berks/Bucks/Montgomery): Repeals the expiration date of June 30, 2016 for the “State Military College Legislative Appointment Initiative Program.”

HUMAN SERVICES, Call of Chair, Room 60, East Wing

  • HB 2128 (Rep. Doyle Heffley, R-Carbon): Requires recovery houses receiving public funding to keep Naloxone on site and have trained individuals present to administer the medication properly.
  • HR 893 (Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny): Directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study and publish a report on the treatment for opioid addiction.



On Monday, the House will convene at 1 p.m. for legislative business. The members will vote the uncontested calendar and Rule 35 resolutions.


Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 850 (Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-Berks/Lehigh): Amends Pennsylvania’s Money Transmitter’s Act to update definitions and terminology, improve licensing procedures and strengthen consumer protections.
  • HB 853 (Rep. Jaret Gibbons, D-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence): Enhances penalties for distracted driving that results in a severe injury or death.
  • HB 1334 (Rep. Kate Klunk, R-York): Increases bingo prize limits, allows the daily operation of bingo, permits advertisement of prize amounts and make other omnibus changes to the Bingo Law.
  • HB 1496 (Rep. Todd Stephens, R-Montgomery): Increases penalties for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
  • HB 1497 (Rep. Todd Stephens, R-Montgomery): Enhances penalties for prohibited possession of a firearm by a person adjudicated of a felony offense as a juvenile.
  • HB 1498 (Rep. Todd Stephens, R-Montgomery): Requires the Pennsylvania State Police to send all existing mental health data within 90 days to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
  • HB 1779 (Rep. Jim Marshall, R-Beaver/Butler): Includes optometrists on the list of medical providers who can certify an application for a handicap placard or registration plate.
  • HB 1893 (Rep. Paul Schemel, R-Franklin): Allows intergovernmental cooperation to be established by municipal resolution unless the authorizing statute requires an ordinance.
  • HB 1991 (Rep. Paul Schemel, R-Franklin): Amends the Second Class Township Code to delete the phrase “by ordinance” from the provisions governing intergovernmental cooperation agreements.
  • HB 1992 (Rep. Paul Schemel, R-Franklin): Amends the Third Class City Code to delete the phrase “by ordinance” from the provisions governing intergovernmental cooperation agreements.
  • SB 594 (Sen. Andrew Dinniman, D-Chester): Establishes penalties for people with a protection-from-abuse order against them if they commit animal cruelty against the pet of their spouse or partner.
  • SB 1071 (Sen. Patrick Brown, R-Lehigh): Establishes a side-by-side hybrid pension plan for future state and school employees and modifies future benefits of current members of the Public School Employees’ Retirement System and the State Employees’ Retirement System.
  • SB 1077 (Sen. Elder Vogel, R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence): Removes the requirement of physical mailings for school districts regarding the use of audio on school buses.
  • SB 1104 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, S-Bucks/Montgomery): Amends the Probate, Estates and Fiduciaries Code to make changes to various provisions, including those related to powers of attorney, trusts and powers of appointment.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 1415 (Rep. Nick Miccarelli, R-Delaware): Requires individuals who engage in the independent practice of clinical social work to be licensed clinical social workers.
  • HB 1531 (Rep. Dan Miller, D-Allegheny): Eliminates the requirement of holding a hearing to confirm a consent to an adoption when the birth parent or parents of the child being placed for adoption have executed valid consents to an adoption.
  • HB 1532 (Rep. Leslie Acosta, D-Philadelphia): Amends the definition of “intermediary” in adoption law to include a licensed attorney or social worker who is acting in that capacity.
  • HB 2087 (Rep. Gary Day, R-Berks/Lehigh): Requires school entities to conduct one school security drill per school year in each school building in place of a monthly fire drill.
  • HR 910 (Rep. Mike Vereb, R-Montgomery): Directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a statewide study on reducing the number of school districts in the state.
  • SB 772 (Sen. John Gordner, R-Columbia/Luzerne/Montour/Northumberland/Snyder): Amends the Professional Psychologists Practice Act to update licensure and practice provisions.
  • SB 837 (Rep. Ryan Aument, R-Lancaster): Restricts the use of the title “Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist” and amends the composition of the State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Committee Meetings/Hearings

FINANCE, 9 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 1871 (Rep. John Taylor, R-Philadelphia): Amends the Pennsylvania Constitution to give the General Assembly the power to permit the City of Philadelphia to impose taxes on real estate that is used for business purposes at a rate that exceeds the tax rate applicable to other real estate.
  • HB 1888 (Rep. Marguerite Quinn, R-Bucks): Creates a tax amnesty program in fiscal year 2016-17.
  • HB 1940 (Rep. Dan Moul, R-Adams): Expands the registration exemption for volunteer charitable organizations provided the organization’s volunteers, members or auxiliary or affiliate receive no direct or indirect compensation for solicitation of funds or that no fundraising activities be carried on by a professional solicitor.

GAMING OVERSIGHT, 9 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • Public hearing on prepaid debit cards for use at casinos.

LABOR AND INDUSTRY, 9 a.m., Room 39, East Wing

  • HB 782 (Rep. Doyle Heffley, R-Carbon): Amends the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act to require that municipalities which opt to enforce the Uniform Construction Code by contracting with a private third-party agency, contract with at least two or more such entities to provide inspection services.
  • HB 1800 (Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-Berks/Lehigh): Institutes evidence-based medical treatment guidelines for appealed workers’ compensation claims.
  • HB 1952 (Rep. Steven Mentzer, R-Lancaster): Amends the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Act by establishing a formal ratio of one supervisor for each apprentice or trainee.
  • SB 404 (Sen. David Argall, R-Berks/Schuylkill): Creates the Correctional Officers Investigation Procedure Act to establish guidelines and procedures governing the investigation and interrogation of correctional officers by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

STATE GOVERNMENT, 9 a.m., Room 30, East Wing

  • HB 29 (Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Allegheny/Washington): Permits a registered voter of the Commonwealth to be appointed as a watcher in any election district located in Pennsylvania.
  • HB 148 (Rep. David Maloney, R-Berks): Increases the grading of the offense of voter intimidation and interference with the elective franchise from a second degree misdemeanor to a first degree misdemeanor.
  • HB 1179 (Rep. Stephen Barrar, R-Chester/Delaware): Permits a vacant minority inspector position to be filled by a qualified registered elector of the county in which the election district is located.
  • SB 1205 (Sen. Mario Scavello, R-Monroe/Northampton): Authorizes access and utility easements in the Borough of East Stroudsburg, Monroe County.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH, 10 a.m., Room 39, East Wing

  • HB 1524 (Rep. Kathy Watson, R-Bucks): Ensures that birth parents have access to adoption-related counseling services when they are considering relinquishing parental rights and placing a child for adoption, or when they have relinquished parental rights and have consented to placing their child for adoption.
  • HB 1526 (Rep. Scott Petri, R-Bucks): Shortens the period in which a birth mother, birth father or putative father can revoke his or her consent to an adoption from 30 days to five days.
  • HB 1529 (Rep. Tarah Toohil, R-Luzerne): Adds reasonable expenses incurred by a birth mother of a child being placed for adoption to the list of expenses currently permitted to be reimbursed in an adoption process and paid by the adoptive parents.

JUDICIARY, 10 a.m., Room 140, Main Capitol

  • HB 1422 (Rep. Barry Jozwiak, R-Berks): Reduces the penalty for a first or second offense of possessing a small quantity of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a summary offense.
  • HB 2050 (Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Allegheny/Washington): Establishes the crime of fraudulently presenting oneself as a soldier or a veteran of any branch of the armed forces, or as the recipient of a service medal or other military decoration, when it is done with the intention of obtaining money, property or other benefits.
  • HB 2084 (Rep. Pam Snyder, D-Fayette/Greene/Washington): Requires the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections to provide pepper spray to all state prison guards to ensure they have a form of self-defense.
  • SB 533 (Sen. John Eichelberger, R-Blair/Cumberland/Franklin/Fulton/Huntingdon): Addresses the disposition of contraband seized by a county probation or parole officer from an offender under his or her supervision.
  • SB 917 (Sen. Patrick Browne, R-Lehigh): Amends the Juvenile Act to allow the sharing of certain information among agencies which help delinquent and dependent children.
  • SB 936 (Sen. Patrick Browne, R-Lehigh): Sets forth a one-time fee of $50 to cover the employer’s cost in setting up the wage garnishment to comply with a child support order.
  • SB 1062 (Sen. John Rafferty, R-Berks/Chester/Montgomery): Increases sentencing where bodily injury crimes are committed during a home burglary.

URBAN AFFAIRS, Call of Chair, Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 1489 (Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks): Regulates mobile food vehicles using propane or other combustible fuel in cities of the first class.
  • HB 1774 (Rep. Rosemary Brown, R-Monroe/Pike): Grants the power of investigation and mediation of complaints regarding planned communities, cooperatives and condominiums to the Bureau of Consumer Protection in the Office of Attorney General.
  • HB 1998 (Rep. Scott Petri, R-Bucks): Modernizes the structure of a parking authority board in a city of the first class.
  • HB 2008 (Rep. Curtis Sonney, R-Erie): Requires disclosure and notification by a landlord to a new tenant of a former methamphetamine lab in the rental property.
  • HB 2009 (Rep. Curtis Sonney, R-Erie): Requires a seller to disclose as to whether premises was formerly used as a methamphetamine lab.



On Tuesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.


Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 1104 (Rep. Robert Godshall, R-Montgomery): Enables patients with terminal illnesses to use investigational drugs, biological products and devices not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • HB 1619 (Rep. Jesse Topper, R-Bedford/Franklin/Fulton): Permits Pennsylvania to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.
  • HB 2088 (Rep. Donna Oberlander, R-Armstrong/Clarion/Forest): Adds FDA approved anti-obesity medications to the list of items which shall be considered a compensable item under the medical assistance program.
  • HB 2137 (Rep. William Adolph, R-Delaware): Appropriates funding to the Pennsylvania State University for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
  • HB 2138 (Adolph): Appropriates funding to the University of Pittsburgh for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
  • HB 2139 (Adolph): Appropriates funding to Temple University for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
  • HB 2140 (Adolph): Appropriates funding to Lincoln University for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
  • HB 2141 (Adolph): Appropriates funding to the University of Pennsylvania for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
  • SB 279 (Sen. Scott Hutchinson, R-Butler/Clarion/Forest/Venango/Warren): Establishes the Pennsylvania Grade Crude Development Advisory Council.
  • SB 1195 (Sen. Donald White, R-Armstrong/Butler/Indiana/Westmoreland): Extends the amount of time the General Assembly would have to review Pennsylvania’s compliance plan for the Federal Clean Power Plan.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 850 (Mackenzie)
  • HB 853 (Gibbons)
  • HB 1334 (Klunk
  • HB 1496 (Stephens)
  • HB 1498 (Stephens)
  • HB 1779 (Marshall)
  • HB 1893 (Schemel)
  • HB 1991 (Schemel)
  • HB 1992 (Schemel)
  • SB 594 (Dinniman)
  • SB 1071 (Browne)
  • SB 1077 (Vogel)
  • SB 1104 (Greenleaf)


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Committee Meetings/Hearings

HUMAN SERVICES, 8:30 a.m., Room B-31, Main Capitol

  • Informational meeting with an update from Secretary Gary Tennis, Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, on how the opioid crisis in the Commonwealth is being managed.

GAMING OVERSIGHT, 9 a.m., Room G-50 Irvis Office Building

  • HB 2150 (Rep. George Dunbar, R-Westmoreland): Requires fantasy sports contest providers to be licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

AGING AND OLDER ADULT SERVICES, 9:30 a.m., Room B-31, Main Capitol

  • Informational meeting to discuss older adult protective services training and the investigation process.

AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS, 9:30 a.m., Room 140, Main Capitol

  • HR 872 (Rep. Martin Causer, R-Cameron/McKean/Potter): Urges federal and state regulatory agencies to use science-based, peer-reviewed data in evaluating crop protection chemistry and nutrients.
  • SB 1123 (Sen. Elder Vogel, R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence): Provides an exemption to the expiration of the one pound vapor pressure waiver for motor fuels blended with ethanol.

HEALTH, 9:30 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • HB 1698 (Rep. Doyle Heffley, R-Carbon): Requires that insurance plans provide access to abuse-deterrent opioid analgesic drugs and apply cost-sharing provisions for these products at the same level as the cost-sharing applied to other brand name and generic drugs covered under the insurance plans’ formularies.
  • HB 1699 (Rep. Rosemary Brown, R-Monroe/Pike): Prohibits emergency providers from prescribing long-acting opioid painkillers in hospital emergency departments and places a limit on discharge prescriptions.
  • HB 1805 (Rep. Kurt Masser, R-Columbia/Montour/Northumberland): Requires dispensers or prescribers who are applying for or renewing a license or certification to have met a certain number of approved continuing education classes which address addiction and addiction treatment.

TOURISM AND RECREATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, 9:30 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • Informational meeting with a presentation by the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Tourism Office on the latest tourism economic statistics for Pennsylvania.



On Wednesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 1104 (Godshall)
  • HB 1619 (Topper)
  • HB 2088 (Oberlander)
  • HB 2137 (Adolph)
  • HB 2138 (Adolph)
  • HB 2139 (Adolph)
  • HB 2140 (Adolph)
  • HB 2141 (Adolph)
  • HR 893 (Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny): Directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study and publish a report on the treatment for opioid addiction.
  • SB 279 (Hutchinson)
  • SB 1195 (White)



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