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FROM:            Stephen Miskin

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SUBJ:              House Action for the Week of October 17, 2016


DATE:            October 14, 2016



Live web streams of House session and the majority of committee meetings are available at  Important information and events may also be viewed by visiting 


The Weekly Schedule

Identified by bill number, the sponsors and summaries for bills scheduled to be considered in committee or on the House floor are posted below.  More information regarding these bills can be found at by clicking on the “Research Bills” tab.



Monday, October 17, 2016

Committee Meetings/Hearings

CONSUMER AFFAIRS, 11 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • HB 1280 (Rep. Frank Farry, R-Bucks): Prohibits the imposition of a ban, fee, surcharge or tax on a plastic bag supplied by a retail establishment to a purchaser of consumer goods at the point of sale, and establishes a plastic bag recycling advisory board.
  • SB 881 (Sen. John Blake, D-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Monroe): Amends the definition of “public utility” to exempt water or sewer service provided by a resort owner to users located within property boundaries of the resort under certain circumstances, and exempts the provision of service by a municipal corporation outside its corporate boundaries under certain circumstances.

EDUCATION, 11 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • HB 2381 (Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny): Allows students to substitute National Occupational Competency Testing Institute exam performance for Keystone Exam performance.

TRANSPORTATION, 12:15 p.m. Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 2187 (Rep. Cris Dush, R-Indiana/Jefferson): Bridge designation: Polk Township Veterans Memorial Bridge.
  • SB 1086 (Sen. John Rafferty, R-Berks/Chester/Montgomery): Authorizes the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to suspend the vehicle registration of a motorist that evades or fails to pay a toll on the Pennsylvania Turnpike or another tolling entity.



On Monday, the House will convene at 1 p.m. for legislative business. The members will vote the uncontested calendar and Rule 35 resolutions.


Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 30 (Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Armstrong/Indiana/Westmoreland): Updates and revises Pennsylvania law regarding organ and tissue donation.
  • HB 564 (Rep. Tina Pickett, R-Bradford/Sullivan/Susquehanna): Designates Celestine as the official state mineral.
  • HB 1473 (Rep. Karen Boback, R-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Wyoming): Allows for a partial exclusion of veterans’ compensation benefits from income calculations for Commonwealth programs.
  • HB 1516 (Rep. Frank Farry, R-Bucks): Prohibits the confinement of a dog or cat in an unattended motor vehicle under certain conditions and provides immunity for certain individuals who rescue an animal from an unattended vehicle.
  • HB 1525 (Rep. Scott Petri, R-Bucks): Streamlines and expedites the procedures for relinquishment or termination of parental rights in the course of the legal process to adopt a child in Pennsylvania.
  • HB 2293 (Rep. Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster): Bridge designation: Corporal Eric M. Torbert, Jr. Memorial Bridge.
  • HB 2304 (Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence): Changes the “Pennsylvania Veterans’ Memorial Trust Fund” to the “Pennsylvania Veterans’ Monuments and Memorial Trust Fund” and allows the money in the fund, administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, to be used to promote, administer, operate, maintain and complete other various monuments and memorials dedicated to Pennsylvania’s veterans and military units.
  • SB 889 (Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Luzerne/Pike/Susquehanna/Wayne/Wyoming): Amends the Enforcement Officer Disability Benefits Law, known as the Heart and Lung Act, to extend benefits to enforcement officers and investigators of both the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 1528 (Rep. Dan Moul, R-Adams): Allows parents who adopt a child or children to appeal to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services the amount of the adoption subsidy provided to them by local authorities.
  • HB 1530 (Rep. Harry Lewis, R-Chester): Clarifies that an employee of a correctional facility may serve as a signed witness to the execution of a consent to adoption by a birth parent who is incarcerated.
  • HB 1885 (Rep. Martina White, R-Philadelphia): Holds any municipality that has deemed itself a “sanctuary municipality” liable for damages due to an injury to persons or property as a result of criminal activity by unauthorized aliens residing in the sanctuary municipality.
  • HB 1968 (Rep. Jim Christiana, R-Beaver/Washington): Authorizes conveyances of land in Washington county and Monroe county.
  • HB 2338 (Rep. Matt Gabler, R-Clearfield/Elk): Establishes protections for students attending Pennsylvania postsecondary education institutions accredited by a national accrediting agency that loses federal recognition.
  • SB 1062 (Sen. John Rafferty, R-Berks/Chester/Montgomery): Increases sentencing where bodily injury crimes are committed during a burglary.
  • SB 1311 (Sen. Patricia Vance, R-Cumberland/York): Amends the Adoption Act, the Juvenile Act and the Child Protective Services Law in order to comply with the latest requirements of the federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Committee Meetings/Hearings

GAMING OVERSIGHT, 9 a.m., Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • Public hearing on the Supreme Court’s local share court decision.

STATE GOVERNMENT, 9 a.m., Room B-31, Main Capitol

  • HB 1288 (Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler): Prohibits a Pennsylvania court from considering a foreign legal code or system which would impair constitutional rights.
  • HR 932 (Rep. Stephen Barrar, R-Chester/Delaware): Urges Congress to reject and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


  • Informational meeting to meet Nancy Moses, the new Chair of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and discuss commission issues.

AGING AND OLDER ADULT SERVICES (House)/AGING AND YOUTH (Senate), 9:30 a.m., Room 8E-B, East Wing

  • Joint House and Senate public hearing on aging waiver enrollment issues.

HEALTH, 9:30 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • HB 2350 (Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-Berks/Lehigh): Updates Pennsylvania’s stroke center designation law to include new certifications.
  • HB 2352 (Rep. Matthew Baker, R-Bradford/Potter/Tioga): Requires pain management clinics to register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and subjects them to specific requirements.
  • SB 613 (Sen. Patricia Vance, R-Cumberland/York): Expands the Human Services Development Block Grant.
  • SB 1367 (Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Bradford/Lycoming/Sullivan/Susquehanna/Union): Requires all prescribers to receive written consent from a minor’s parent or legal guardian in order to prescribe a medical treatment containing opioids as well as discuss the risks of addiction and overdose associated with the medication.
  • SB 1368 (Sen. Thomas Killion, R-Chester/Delaware): Requires that licensing boards have proof from all applicants of completion of approved safe opioid prescription education prior to the granting of a license or certificate that would allow them to prescribe opioids.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT, 9:30 a.m., Room 39, East Wing

  • HR 1053 (Rep. Mauree Gingrich, R-Lebanon): Establishes a task force to study the property reassessment process.

JUDICIARY, Call of Chair, Room 205, Ryan Office Building

  • HB 2266 (Rep. Thomas Quigley, R-Montgomery): Directs the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing to provide for a sentence enhancement for the offense of indecent exposure when the offense is committed while a person under the age of 16 is present.
  • HB 2276 (Rep. Karen Boback, R-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Wyoming): Grants civil immunity in certain circumstances for any damage that may be done to a vehicle when forceful entry is necessary to rescue a child.
  • HB 2284 (Rep. Julie Harhart, R-Lehigh/Northampton): Adds the desecration or mutilation of a corpse to the list of aggravating factors that may qualify a defendant for the death penalty in Pennsylvania.
  • SB 294 (Sen. John Eichelberger, R-Blair/Cumberland/Franklin/Fulton/Huntingdon): Amends the animal cruelty code to include a detailed definition of torture and provide protection for horses.
  • SB 1144 (Sen. Stewart Greenleaf, R-Bucks/Montgomery): Prohibits the sale of over-the-counter cough medicines containing dextromethorphan to minors.



On Tuesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.


Votes on Second Consideration

  • HB 1280 (Rep. Frank Farry, R-Bucks): Prohibits the imposition of a ban, fee, surcharge or tax on a plastic bag supplied by a retail establishment to a purchaser of consumer goods at the point of sale, and establishes a plastic bag recycling advisory board.
  • HB 1391 (Rep. Garth Everett, R-Lycoming/Union): Amends the Oil and Gas Lease Act to address the minimum royalty payment for unconventional gas well production and to establish a remedy for failure to pay the minimum royalty.
  • HB 2222 (Rep. David Zimmerman, R-Lancaster): Allows boroughs to make contracts or purchases without requiring advertising, bidding or price quotations in situations deemed emergencies.
  • HB 2232 (Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre/Mifflin): Allows a physician assistant (PA) to sign a death certificate for a patient under the care of that PA.
  • HB 2342 (Rep. Jeff Wheeland, R-Lycoming): Changes the definition of electronic cigarettes to vapor products and consumable products and replaces the 40 percent wholesale tax rate with a five cents per fluid milliliter tax on consumable vapor products at the point of sale.
  • HB 2359 (Rep. Marcia Hahn, R-Northampton): Amends the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Control Act to clarify that a parent or legal guardian can provide consent over the objection of a minor with respect to furnishing medical care or counseling related to diagnosis or treatment of substance abuse.
  • HB 2370 (Rep. Dan Moul, R-Adams): Amends the Tax Reform Code to apply the Realty Transfer Tax exemption for certain transactions retroactively to all transfers which took place after Dec. 31, 2012.
  • HB 2375 (Rep. Mauree Gingrich, R-Lebanon): Amends the Unemployment Compensation Law to provide additional funding to the Service and Infrastructure Improvement Fund (SIIF) in 2017; require an audit of SIIF; and require the Department of Labor and Industry to submit a separate funding request for upgrades to the Unemployment Compensation benefit delivery system.
  • HB 2381 (Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny): Allows students to substitute National Occupational Competency Testing Institute exam performance for Keystone Exam performance.
  • HB 2382 (Rep. R. Lee James, R-Butler/Venango): Amends the Unemployment Compensation Law to increase the periods of time allotted for parties to appeal the determination of an Unemployment Compensation Service Center and the decision of an Unemployment Compensation referee from 15 days to 30 days.
  • SB 874 (Sen. Thomas McGarrigle, R-Chester/Delaware): Amends the Cemetery and Funeral Merchandise Trust Fund Law to modify the process governing the sale of cemetery and funeral merchandise and to prohibit the pre-need delivery except in certain situations.
  • SB 984 (Sen. Camera Bartolotta, R-Beaver/Greene/Washington): Establishes regulations for transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft throughout Pennsylvania.
  • SB 1018 (Sen. Patrick Browne, R-Lehigh): Amends the CPA Law to update various provisions.
  • SB 1219 (Sen. Bob Mensch, R-Berks/Bucks/Montgomery): Highway and bridge designations: Army Specialist Ray Ira Haas Memorial Highway; First Lieutenant William R. Gendebien Memorial Highway; Private First Class Paul T. Wright Memorial Highway; Staff Sgt. Jason M. Faley Memorial Bridge; Private David Kyle McCracken Memorial Bridge; Cpl. Carl F. Hynek III Memorial Highway; Major Jeffrey Toczylowski Memorial Highway; Cpl. Jonathan Dean Faircloth Memorial Highway; DeLight Breidegam Jr. Memorial Highway; Officer Richard Champion Memorial Highway; Cpl. Joshua B. Smith Memorial Highway; Corporal Eric M. Torbert Jr. Memorial Bridge; Master Sergeant Arthur L. Lilley Memorial Interchange; Master Sergeant Thomas Maholic Memorial Bridge; and PFC George Pesock Memorial Bridge.
  • SB 1265 (Sen. Donald White, R-Armstrong/Butler/Indiana/Westmoreland): Allows employers the option to pay an employee’s wages by crediting a payroll card account.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 30 (Petrarca)
  • HB 564 (Pickett)
  • HB 1473 (Boback)
  • HB 1516 (Farry)
  • HB 1525 (Petri)
  • HB 2293 (Cutler)
  • HB 2303 (Rep. Martin Causer, R-McKean/Potter): Repeals the Race Horse Industry Reform article in the Administrative Code and inserts it in the Agriculture Code, and clarifies language regarding the distribution of Pennsylvania Breeding Fund awards to thoroughbred breeders and owners.
  • HB 2304 (Sainato)
  • SB 889 (Baker)
  • SB 1219 (Mensch)


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Committee Meetings/Hearings

GAMING OVERSIGHT, 9 a.m., Room G-50, Irvis Office Building

  • Public hearing and update on I-gaming and fantasy sports.

HUMAN SERVICES, 9:30 a.m., Room 60, East Wing

  • Public hearing on what to do when a loved one has an addiction problem.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE, 9:30 a.m., Room 39, East Wing

  • SB 1202 (Sen. Gene Yaw, R-Bradford/Lycoming/Sullivan/Susquehanna/Union): Amends the Achieving Better Care by Monitoring All Prescriptions Program Act to require prescribers and dispensers to obtain education in pain management and use of opioids.



On Wednesday the House will meet at 11 a.m. for legislative business.


Votes on Third Consideration

  • HB 1280 (Farry)
  • HB 2222 (Zimmerman)
  • HB 2232 (Benninghoff)
  • HB 2342 (Wheeland)
  • HB 2359 (Hahn)
  • HB 2370 (Moul)
  • HB 2375 (Gingrich)
  • HB 2381 (Turzai)
  • HB 2382 (James)
  • SB 984 (Bartolotta)
  • SB 1265 (White)


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